Getting a refund from TAP Air Portugal related to COVID-19

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Re: Getting a refund from TAP Air Portugal related to COVID-19

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As far as I know, the EU261/2004 on passenger rights does apply, even in the Covid-19 situation.
TAP being an EU airline, they are obliged to apply that Regulation.
Therefore, if it is TAP that cancelled your flights, you have the right to a full refund of your ticket (the airline may offer you a voucher but you are not obliged to accept it). Being a US national does not matter in this case.

On the website of the Belgian CAA you can find some more info about your rights as a passenger: ... ts_covid19

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Re: Getting a refund from TAP Air Portugal related to COVID-19

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If your conference was canceled and the flight is maintained on the date of scheduled travel, you will loose your money. No show, not refundable.
If TAP canceled the flight on the date of scheduled travel, you can ask for refund.

So, if I was you, I would wait until May 2021 and see which of the two situations will pops-up.

I had a trip to Brazil on Latam last April. My tickets were not refundable. Latam canceled their flight from CDG.
I was offer a voucher or a refund. I asked for the refund, I got the credit on my Visa.
Same as with GOL.
For Aéreolinas Argentinas... I am still waiting for the refund, but have already email confirming the total refund.

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Re: Getting a refund from TAP Air Portugal related to COVID-19

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unesolitudech wrote: 01 Aug 2020, 07:00 My international conference in Europe this May has been canceled due to the COVID-19. I have a ticket, purchased from TAP air Portugal, from Toronto, Canada to Lisbon. Because it is a non-refundable fare, they don't want to give a refund. They won't allow me to reschedule later than May 31 of this year. This won't be useful for me. What options do I have? I'd prefer to get a full refund. (I am a US citizen if it matters).

Note: They offered to refund just the taxes, which is about 10% of the value. That's not horrible, but I'd rather have the whole thing returned.
Yes, as a general principle, EU-Rule 261/2004 for denied boarding and cancelled flight applies for all TAP flights. But the articles about cancellations cannot be used here because TAP hasn't cancelled the flight and because the passenger hasn't cancelled due to a decision from TAP. The reason for the cancellation is a decision from the conference organizer to cancel the event. TAP has nothing to do with that decision, so only the General Sales Conditions from TAP apply for this cancellation. As you mention it's "a non refundable ticket", there is nothing valuable you will find in TAP's GSC.

So TAP offers a refund of taxes. Check the payment information and/or the ticket confirmation for those taxes. Maybe it's just the airport taxes, maybe it's a lot more (like insurance, safety tax, GST, VAT). When these taxes are about half of the total price, maybe it's a good idea to accept it.

Also check the organizers' website. For many international events, the flag carrier is an event sponsor. Part of the deal then is a general recommendation from the organizer "we recommend you to fly TAP". If your organizer did so, tell the organizer that you have booked TAP based upon that recommendation, and ask them to mediate with TAP. And tell the organizer you don't want a refund, just a rebooking. Keep in mind that a refund is impossible now: because of Covid-19, European airlines have no budget for goodwill offers. So suggest them to offer you a rebooking, valid for one year.

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