BRU 30/11/2021

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BRU 30/11/2021

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1800-1930 DLH A333 DAIKx (cargo flight)

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BRU 30/11/2021

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0930-1115 AHO FA7X DARIE
0930-xxxx ART A320 YLLDK
xxxx-1015 SCR C56X DCRON
1205-1710 KZU A310 TCLER
1215-1250 PJS F900 HBJIN
xxxx-1230 EJA GLEX N152QS
1500-xxxx AHO E35L DAHOO
xxxx-1600 UKN A320 URWRW
1615-1700 JSH C650 HAJEX
1930-2030 VJT CL35 9HVCB
2015-xxxx BEL A333 OOSFG (back from DUB after engine malfunction on 19NOV)
xxxx-2030 C56X LZCVA
2145-xxxx F2TH DBEKY

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Re: BRU 30/11/2021

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yaropaesmans wrote: 29 Nov 2021, 15:48 1800-1930 DLH A333 DAIKx (cargo flight)
my pictures are on flickr :)

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