BRU 22/10/2021 (heads up)

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BRU 22/10/2021 (heads up)

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For those planning a spotting trip to Brussels Airport: on 21-22 October there is a EU Council meeting at Brussels. This is the body that leads the EU consisting of the elected heads of state/government of the member states (who are called the leaders of the EU) - our very own Charles Michel currently is President of the EU Council.

This means that on 21/10 government airplanes of the member states will be flying into Brussels, and will depart again the next day.

If you have a ADS-B antenna and receiver, make sure it's on since - with the exception of the Netherlands and Luxembourg - you will get all government airplanes of the member states.

Alternatively, you can "radar spot" them on the map of ADSBExchange.

Provisional agenda of the meeting: ... /10/21-22/

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