BRU 17/09/2021

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BRU 17/09/2021

Post by tangolima »


0820-0945 FNF LJ35 LJ3
xxxx-0910 ENT B738 SPESG
1150-1345 F900 FGOFX
1330-1645 C680 PHCJM
1330-1430 FA8X 9HKIM
1515-1600 E55P FHLRS
2005-2115 E55P DCKJE
2035-2135 GLEX DAFAL
2040-xxxx CRJ2 DAFAN
2100-xxxx C650 PHMYX

All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 17/09/2021

Post by sdbelgium »

1000-1045 KLM B738 PHBXC
1000-1050 ABY A320 A6AOJ
1030-1155 THY A333 TCLNG
1200-xxxx MMF A332 T-057
1245-1325 DLH A319 DAILT (Star Alliance c/s)
1600-1650 EIN A320 EIDEI (Rugby c/s)
1700-xxxx TOM B789 GTUIK
1725-1815 ABY A320 A6AOJ
1730-1830 SAZ CL60 HBJWB
1750-1830 BTI BCS3 YLCSJ (Estonian Flag c/s)
2115-2200 LMJ F900 FGPNJ
2115-xxxx JNL E135 PHDWS
2115-xxxx JNL E145 PHDWA
2215-2300 ARL C550 FHMXL
2250-xxxx DLH A319 DAILT (Star Alliance c/s)

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