BRU 25/06/2021

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BRU 25/06/2021

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0845-1000 C525 DIHKW
1000-1100 ABB A332 OOCMA
xxxx-1010 ENT B738 SPENM
1015-1100 PC12 OHJFB
xxxx-1030 BOH PAY3 OKTAV
1055-1155 E35L YUPAA
1100-1230 RRR B461 ZE701
xxxx-1150 NJE E55P CSPHF
xxxx-1200 SVF GLF5 102005
xxxx-1200 CEF A319 3085
1210-1430 IRL LJ45 258
1245-1405 IAM C30J MM62181
1245-xxxx AOJ C750 OEHOH
xxxx-1300 HUAF FA7X 607
1320-1430 IRL CN35 253
1330-1430 BE20 83-0499
xxxx-1325 LYF C27J 07BLUE
1330-1500 MCK C550 DCIAO
1410-xxxx VJF CL60 9HVFD
xxxx-1430 SSG F100 OMBYB
xxxx-1440 BGF F2TH LZOOI
xxxx-1500 JEF G150 OHWIL
xxxx-1500 JEF CL60 OHWIW
xxxx-1540 CTM FA7X FRAFA
xxxx-1545 AME F900 T1801
xxxx-1550 CL60 9ACRO
xxxx-1600 VJT CL60 9HVFD
1600-1815 AFP FA50
xxxx-1600 IAM A319 MM62174
xxxx-1630 HAF GLF5 678
1815-xxxx HFY A332 CSTQP
1820-xxxx TIE BE4W OKJFA

Jeremy De Winter
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Re: BRU 25/06/2021

Post by Jeremy De Winter »

Thank you very much for putting your time in this!

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Re: BRU 25/06/2021

Post by Bruspotter »

Jeremy De Winter wrote: 25 Jun 2021, 11:46 Thank you very much for putting your time in this!
True... Many thanks 👍


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Re: BRU 25/06/2021

Post by ZavCity »

Anyone an idea of the presence of KF 330 OO-CMA at BRU coming fromLGG??Isaw it this morning, on stand 6OO and after landing nothing happened around the plane,no service, no people or cargo or fuel..It left 45 minutes later again, it came fromLGG and went to US..Yesterday the same it seems...

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