BRU 26/01/2022

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BRU 26/01/2022

Post by tangolima »


xxxx-0715 C56X FHVYC
0805-xxxx TUI B738 DATUZ RIU Hotels & Resorts c/s
0835-0940 C56X 9HXOB
xxxx-0855 CL35 9HVCM
xxxx-1010 E545 DBFIL
1015-1615 PC12 OEEMA
1020-xxxx GLF5 N512GV
1145-1815 C25M DIAFG
1220-xxxx PC24 LXJVC
1515-1545 CTM TBM7
2030-xxxx CTM TBM7

All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 26/01/2022

Post by WernerV_ »

According to ADS-B, USAF C-40 09-0540 arrived around 00:30 local time as SPAR18. Should be parked at Abelag.

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Re: BRU 26/01/2022

Post by sdbelgium »

1300-1430 NJE F2TH CSDLH
1515-xxxx NJE F2TH CSDLC
1730-xxxx NJE C56X CSDXV
1845-1955 IBE A333 ECLUX
1900-xxxx JSH C500 HAFIT

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Re: BRU 26/01/2022

Post by B737229 »

2200-xxx CHH B789 B1343

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