BRU 05/12/2021

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BRU 05/12/2021

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1650-1845 C25B DCSCA
1900-xxxx AME F900 T183
xxxx-1915 GLEX TCGLB
2010-xxxx IRL LJ45 IRL258
2130-2230 IRL CN35 252
2225-xxxx IAM F900 MM62244

All my posted timings are local !

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Re: BRU 05/12/2021

Post by sdbelgium »

1115-1225 IBE A333 ECLUX
1200-1400 TAP A339 CSTUI
1240-1410 ETD B789 A6BLH (ADNOC - Choose Italy)
1500-1640 RAM B789 CNRGZ
xxxx-1500 EJA GLEX N162QS
xxxx-1530 THA B77W HSTKR
xxxx-1600 .... E35L 9HAGZ
2100-2150 BLA B735 YRAMA

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