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Turkish Airlines

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VLM Airlines

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Random files - Airlinemeals
334 viewsDate: 20.01.2003
Flight: SN 2260 from Copenhagen to Brussels
Flighttime: 1h30
280 viewsDate: 29.01.2003
Flight: SN 2589 from Brussels to Berlin Tempelhof
Flighttime: 1h15
228 viewsDate: 05.02.2003
Flight: SN 2292 from Stockholm to Brussels
Flighttime: 2h25
559 viewsFlying from: Seoul to Bangkok, 18 August 2003
Flight duration: 4 1/2 hours
Aircraft type & class: B777-300 HL7573 Economy Class
Meal type: Dinner
What was in the meal?: No menu offered : Smoked salmon and pickled vegetables, Asian style chicken with steamed bak choi cabbage and steam rice or beef casserole with mushrooms served with pasta and stri fried vegetables, asian sweets, bread roll, water
Drink: Sprite for me, red wine for my companion
20050211 vlug sa263 002.jpg
829 viewsWarm breakfast option on flight SA263 from Frankfurt to Cape Town.
456 viewssn26567 says: "SN2555 (BRU-WAW) on 25 Nov 04. Meal consisted of a hot cheese pizza, pineapple slices, a Mars mini-bar and a box of Dutch water Prise d’eau. To which I added a drink of my choice: a 25 cl can of Stella Artois. Not on the picture: the coffee a took afterwards and the Neuhaus chocolates."
407 viewsDate: 15.11.2002
Flight: SN 3207 from Brussels to Venice
Flighttime: 1h35
436 viewsDate:26 april 2003
Brussels to Palma de Mallorca
Description: 2 sandwiches with cheese and a minute maid, but you have to pay for the meal (Price 5 euro)

Last additions - Airlinemeals
Vegetarian Lasagna635 viewsServed on board SWISS Airbus A333E between Zurich and Dubai, choice between vegetarian lasagna or chickenFeb 10, 2011
BRU - HRG354 viewsBrussels - Hurghada 17 January 2010
Jan 25, 2010
Cold breakfast2054 viewsBrussel - Geneva
Avro RJ85 OO-DJV
SN2711, 13/06/2006
Business Class - Breakfast
Cold breakfast with muesli yoghurt, ham, cream cheese and cheese with bread and pastry's à volonté
Jul 07, 2006
Salad with olives, feta cheese960 viewsGeneva - Brussels
Avro RJ100 OO-DWE
SN2718, 13/06/2006
Business Class - Dinner
Salad with olives, fèta cheese and bread à volonté
Jul 07, 2006
Wafel and Cappuchino565 viewsDate: 14 january 2006
Flight number: TV 832
Brussels to Malaga
Contents of meal: Wafel end cappuchino (3 euro)

Thanks to photographer and luchtzak-member "virginexpress"
Jan 30, 2006
1016 viewsSN Brussels Airlines
Copenhagen - Brussels
SN2264, 9 September 2005
Avro RJ100, Economy Class
Picture courtesy Frederic Backaert
Sep 28, 2005
1024 viewsKLM
Paris CDG - Amsterdam
KL1234, 13 September 2005
Boeing 737-300, Economy Class
Picture courtesy Frederic Backaert
Sep 28, 2005
1393 viewsAir France
Paris CDG - Amsterdam
AF1740, 7 July 2005
Boeing 737-500, Tempo Challenge
Picture courtesy Frederic Backaert
Sep 28, 2005