Air France flies to Mauritius by Boeing 777-300ER

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Air France flies to Mauritius by Boeing 777-300ER

Post by sn26567 » 10 May 2012, 15:26

. More comfort with three new cabins
. A latest-generation aircraft which is more environmentally-friendly

On its flights to Mauritius, Air France is continuing to invest in its reference products which combine quality and comfort, and on 8 May introduced the Boeing 777-300 ER with a capacity of 468 seats divided between three cabin classes: 14 seats in Business class, 32 seats in Premium Voyageur and 422 in Voyageur (Economy).

A choice between three cabin classes

1. The Business class cabin is equipped with a «full sleep» seat, which is longer and wider. It had been completely redesigned to provide more comfort and is one of the most spacious and most comfortable seat beds on the market (over 2 m long and 61 cm wide).

2. Located between the Business class and Voyageur cabins, the Premium Voyageur cabin provides the comfort of a private space thanks to its fixed-shell seat which offers 40% additional space compared with the seat in the Voyageur (economy) cabin.

The cabin has been designed to provide maximum comfort, with an adjustable footrest, headrest and a 19-inch seat (48 centimetres) as well as numerous practical functions such as an electric socket, a wide table tray, an individual reading light and noise-reducing headphones.

3. In the Voyageur cabin, passengers have latest-generation seats with an adjustable footrest and headrest as well as an individual screen.

A wide choice of in-flight entertainment in all cabins Each seat is equipped with its own individual in-flight entertainment system, enabling passengers to choose when they want to watch, stop or pause a programme.

Every month, Air France adds new features to its entertainment programme, which has movies, TV series, French and international news channels, games and even foreign language lessons. In total, there are up to 600 hours of programmes on offer: between 85 and 100 films and a juke box of 200 to 300 CDs depending on the system, 25 radio stations and around twenty interactive games.

The Boeing B777-300ER, a latest-generation aircraft which is more environmentally-friendly

The Boeing 777-300ER offers a high level of comfort and is extremely efficient in terms of fuel consumption, limiting the environmental impact of each flight.

• Greater autonomy: Air France’s Boeing 777 has a non-stop operating range of 14,000 kilometres.
• A greater payload: with its powerful GE 90-115B engines, the Boeing 777-300ER can carry greater amounts of cargo, even over long distances. The Boeing 777-300ER can carry 23 tons of cargo. The maximum payload of Air France’s 777-300ER is approximately 57 tons (passengers and cargo) and 40 tons for the 777–200ER.
• An exceptional environmental performance: equipped with the most advanced technology and latest-generation engines, the Boeing 777-300ER presents the best energy and environmental performance in its category. It consumes 20% less fuel than the Boeing 747, resulting in the same reduction in CO2 emissions, with an average consumption of 3.1 litres per passenger per 100 km.

Its GE90-115B second-generation engines are also compatible with the strictest regulatory standards in terms of noise.

Up to 14 weekly flights
Air France operates up to 14 weekly flights to Mauritius together with Air Mauritius. Air France operates up to 4 weekly flights by Boeing 777-300ER with three cabin classes and Air Mauritius operates up to 11 weekly flights by Airbus A340-300 with two cabin classes.

Air France 9 May 2012
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