Coronavirus cancellations can make you change your plans completely

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Coronavirus cancellations can make you change your plans completely

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Through, I had booked a day trip to Riga, Letland, with the following schedule (on three different independent tickets):

BRU-RIX BT602 0940-1305 A223
RIX-TXL BT213 1820-1900 A223
TXL-BRU SN2590 2050-2210 A319

Brussels Airlines yesterday cancelled SN2590 and rebooked me on SN2588:

TXL-BRU SN2588 1840-2000 A320

That allowed me a negative connecting time of minus 20 minutes in Berlin. Impossible of course. But offered me alternatives, most of which entailed a night stay either in Riga or Berlin, which I didn't want. The only alternative without a night stay is as follows:

BRU-RIX BT602 0940-1305 A223
RIX-SXF FR2600 1410-1450 B738
SXF-BRU FR166 1935-2105 B738

Very little time to visit Riga, indeed, but some time for an excursion within Berlin. I accepted, and thus, my day trip to Riga becomes a day trip to Berlin, via Riga! Brussels Airlines lost a customer because of its cancellation, and Ryanair gained one, thanks to SN...

Not as funny, but a cancellation of the whole trip would have given me a reimbursement of 10 euros only.

PS: SN2588 is also cancelled today!
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